Laptop Cooling Stands and Accessories Weekly Specials
Have you ever touched your laptop and thought 'Wow, that's hot'? Today's more powerful laptops generate a lot of heat which can have adverse affects on both your hardware and user experience. Most laptops use noisy fans for cooling when temperatures reach a certain level. Not only can these be distracting but your laptop may be seriously damaged without proper cooling.

Have you seen your computer slow down the longer you use it? Perhaps it crashes after a period of time. These can be a result of your laptop overheating. We continue to place increasing demands on our laptops as the software we use becomes more advanced. What can you do? Until now your only available options were cheap looking, plastic devices with noisy fans that drained your battery and aren't efficient at cooling your system.

The Laptop Prop Cooling Stand was created to be the Best Solution for keeping your laptop cool.

Our engineers believed there must be a better way to cool laptops. The goal was simple: find a means to cool a laptop using environmentally friendly materials without making any noise. The result is the Laptop Prop - hands down the most Elegant and Effective cooling solution.

The Laptop Prop draws the heat right out of your laptop with the highest thermally conductive engineering material available and then utilizes its large surface area and unique pantented design to dispose of the heat - without the use of fans!

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Keeping your laptop cool can prevent internal damage associated with heat build-up.
The background noise in your office, created by noisy fans trying to cool your laptop, will be greatly reduced...if not eliminated.
The top of your laptop will be cooler so your hands won't get so hot while typing.
Your laptop will be tilted at an ergonomic angle, which will be more comfortable while typing or viewing the keypad.
Only 100% recyclable materials are use to fabricate the Laptop Prop.
It's style and design will surely enhance and complement your office decor.
We stand behind our product with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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